For Rent | Psychotherapy Offices
with Professional Reception Area in the
Grand Central Station Area, New York City

This 5-office penthouse suite is in a warm, attractive, professional environment with
an ample waiting area. All offices have track lighting, skylights, and are conveniently
located in the heart of Manhattan — accessible to public transportation.

Office sizes, locations, and monthly rents below:

Office A 15.5' x 11.5'     $ 150 a day per month
on Sundays
Office B 15.5' x 11.5'       unavailable
Office C 9.5' x 8.5'       unavailable
Office D 15.5' x 11.5'    

$ 350 a day per month
on Fridays

$ 250 a day per month
on Saturdays

$ 175 a day per month
on Sundays

Office E 15.5' x 11.5'       unavailable

Furnished or unfurnished, monthly rentals per availability, including weekends.

For more information and current availability of the office spaces,
please call or email your contact information to:

Call Nancy Newhouse at 212-721-9325 for a quick response.

(Please note that I do not respond to my email as quickly as a telephone call,
so if you have urgent business, please don't hesitate to call my phone)