The Workplace

I put you at ease, I get to the heart of the matter, and I help you put things in perspective

I address and counsel groups in the workplace on a variety of different issues.

The group and the individual are presented with strategies for overcoming negativity. These strategies are based on the knowledge that there are feelings on both sides. Dealing with conflict is best explored through speech, body language and a sincere attempt to listen in a non-judgmental manner.

Stress Management, Time Management, and Building Self-Esteem require thought and time to discuss and observe the difficulties in producing solutions. Often, stress is the discrepancy between perceived demands and what you think you can actually do. How you deal with the facts is the area of concern. Managing your time is a constant struggle. Are you are constantly in an urgent situation? How does that affect the quality of your experience in the workplace and the quality of your whole life? Self-esteem and thoughts about ourselves are often one and the same. Old wounds may surface at an inappropriate time and affect our performance. Unrealistic expectations could lead to a sense of failure at work.  Psychotherapy is very helpful in this area.

After a Critical Incident a wide variety of symptoms may emerge immediately, within days, weeks or even months after. It is important that the group understand this is different from a regular therapy session. This is a discussion of a shared traumatic event. Any person, who wishes, has the opportunity to debrief from the incident may do so. Employees may want to talk about the physical effects, and their intellectual and emotional functioning. Immediate colleagues with whom you have been in this situation may help bring about a recovery from a frightening situation.


telephone: (212) 721-9325

I have two conveniently located offices:

in Midtown Manhattan’s Grand Central district
accessible to all public transportation
280 Madison Avenue
Suite 1402
New York, New York 10016

on Manhattan’s Upper West Side
also accessible to all public transportation
157 West 79th St #7D
New York, New York 10024

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